Welcome to the conTgo Cloud: Security, Savings, Service

conTgo has pioneered a global SaaS technology platform with integrated mobile services that enable companies to track, locate and communicate with their travellers.

The conTgo platform features unprecedented traveller tracking security and communication technology to support companies during disruptions and assist in meeting Duty of Care responsibilities.

conTgo’s fully integrated mobile communication feature enables instant communication with travellers via email, mobile SMS or via conTgo's mobile app. conTgo also offer tangible savings potential with preferred supplier compliance messaging both before and during travel.

conTgo provides a single source of data enabling travel managers to proactively analyse and identify global opportunities for cost savings.

The corporate traveller also benefits as conTgo provides the right information at the right time, such as itinerary messaging, security advice and destination information.

Travellers can request information from the conTgo cloud using SMS Keywords established by their company. Aside from these services, the traveller can rest easy knowing that their company is able to locate and communicate with them at any time should disasters, delays or disruptions occur.

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